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25 Jan

Blogging has evolved overtime to become much more complex and diverse than a simple weblog. It has become the new way to comment on any subject and to get as local or as global as a writer wants. An article on Nieman Journalism Lab on NPR’s Agro blogging project showed the journalism industry how much influence and success skilled blogging can have.  The Agro project was an experiment and an investment in the world of blogging that paid off. However, it is still in debate just what a blog is exactly.  Blogs span a wide range of interests and tones. Everything from a diary to a health and wellness site can be considered a blog. The classification of blog is more about the frequency of posting and order of posts than anything related to the content, but even those characteristics vary.  Blogs have a general format in which the newest information is posted on the top with the older posts below, as noted by multiple sources in an article on the blog Technorati. The content has a wide range of formats, topics, and styles and as the news cycle develops to include blogging, the format is bound to continue developing.

So, journalists and bloggers alike must learn what blogging format works the best for getting news out to the public in the most clear and concise way. As and article on 10,000 Words points out, the new news cycle of social media blended with traditional print journalism can become convoluted. Some bloggers are looking into alternative formats. Change such as using live-updates or scraping the sidebar are just some of the ways bloggers are reinventing the original weblog idea. Writers must innovate new ways to help people locate the information on their blogs. One of the best ways to do this is through intelligent tagging. Another article on 10,000 Words discusses the importance of tagging. Bloggers who learn how to intelligently tag can attract more readers and target stories at more precise groups.

An article in the West Central Tribune on blogging also points out that along with keeping your layout updated, it is important when blogging to not get caught up in any formula. Bloggers need to write about certain topics but stay open to tones and blog styles outside of a normal print format. Blogging gives writers a unique opportunity to find a tone that fits the topic as well as the writer. When a blogger is lets the enthusiasm shine through the writing, the readers notice and readership increases.

Even though blogs have become so diverse that they are nearly impossible to define, they are still a vital and growing source of news. Journalists need to take note of the growth of blogs. News organizations that wish to utilize blogging more effectively need to work on improving the style of their blogs. Also it is important for news organizations to make blogs that are better integrated with established print journalism. The freedom that the blog format provides to writers and the interactive nature of blogging makes it an interesting and ever evolving format.


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