Poligraft makes story connections clear

11 Mar

Poligraft is a tool that can both help journalists and make them work harder. Having the ability to see the contributions from one group to another with just a simple copy and paste is a great step in increasing transparency in journalism. Political figures true motivations in dealing with each other and other groups can be revealed through the Poligraft citations. On the other hand, it makes it even more critical for journalists to look into these motivations on their own. If there is a clear monetary motivation for a politicians actions that is not mentioned in a story, savvy readers can now find it on their own. Publications need to make sure they are giving readers the full story, otherwise they may look like they are not doing there jobs.


I used Poligraft on a story about the IRS offering a tax break for victims of  natural disasters. The tax relief is only available for uninsured items and only covers a small portion of the original worth of the item. Another aspect of the deal is the ability to file taxes late. While the help is small, it is still aid to those in need.

My Poligraft results:

Aggregated Contributions

Represents total campaign contributions from an organization’s employees and/or its PAC.

Points of Influence

Graphs for politicians represent received campaign contributions, while graphs for organizations represent aggregate campaign contributions made.




    • Lawyers/Lobbyists,
    • Misc. Business,
    • Finance/Insurance/Real Estate

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