Twitter changing what is seen as news

20 Mar

Twitter makes it easy to share what is happening around you easy. In the case of revolutions and  national disasters, this ability to spread accurate and urgent information is extremely beneficial for the people involved and the journalists trying to cover the event. However, sometimes the news broadcast through Twitter is not so urgent or beneficial.

Recently the story of a couple fighting at Burger King was live Tweeted by Twitter user Andy Boyle. Though what Boyle did was technically legal, I do not think any respectable publication would allow that sort of story to be posted on the internet. The only reason he was able to put this out into the world is that he published it on his own. I think it is important to note that while I think publishing this story is ethically wrong, this is an example of how media outlets do not always get to decide what is considered any longer.

Still, I think this story was in poor taste. This woman is clearly in a very bad relationship and her standing up for herself should not have been used as a source of entertainment for others. This story is proof that there may be some benefit to news outlet’s gatekeeping role. Whether or not this story can be considered news is subjective. If news is anything people want to know about, then yes this story is news. But, personally I hold news, and journalism for that matter, to a higher standard. I think that there should be some benefit to a community or some social issue being addressed in a story before it can be considered journalism.

So, while I see why this story would be entertaining and even significant, seeing as it breaks new ground, I just cannot consider this type of invasive story ethical. I would not consider publishing anything along these lines because my personal ethical standards and I do not think this story is journalism.


Twitter Story:# CookingwithChris


2 Responses to “Twitter changing what is seen as news”

  1. Ronald R. Rodgers March 20, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    Link to your Twitter story?

    • mmcgarrell March 24, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

      Sorry The hashtag is #CookingwithChris I could have sworn I added that to the post!

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