Jounralism’s need to adapt

3 Apr

Journalism needs to adapt. With continual changes to the way people receive information, the need for journalism to be not only restructure but to be flexible is more important than ever before.

This adaptation is more than simply learning a how a few new social media tools work. Media corporations need to learn how to incorporate social media and networking into all aspects of the story-telling and news gathering process.  Smaller and more socially tuned-in news publications will surpass the traditional news sources in views and readership if they do not learn to take advantage of the tools available to them. Creating a news source that is entertaining and relatable is critical in today’s connected world. It really is adapt or die.

If publications want to remain relevant, they need to focus on hearing the input of their audience. Publications are learning the hard way that publications that take notice of their audiences interest and that utilize social media can do the work of traditional media. The most difficult pill for traditional news sources to swallow is that these new publications often provide the news with a smaller staff and get a larger readership. Knowing what your readers want, and giving it to them in an easily consumable format is just good business sense.

Although some are slow to comprehend that this new news format is here to stay and is dominating, others realize that the way people get information has fundamentally changed. When a Google search can answer almost any question a person can ask, hoping to be the only source for people is naïve. Accepting the information has become decentralized and that traditional formats need to be melded with the new ones is the only way to keep a publication going. Publications must be come experts at linking to other sources, posting online updated versions of print stories and following online trends. Also, journalists need to realize that they can still tell the stories they always have, in written format as they always have as long as they find ways to still engage the readers.


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  2. Ronald R. Rodgers April 3, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    But one edit issue: Jounralism’s need to adapt

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