New technology changes the way news is reported

10 Apr

Journalists are learning how to adapt to the new ways people consume news. While some media organizations embrace the new skills journalists acquire others are a bit slower on the uptake. Broadcasting out information to the masses is the business model that most of today’s publications were founded to do. Moving beyond the original one-direction news format and into the modern world of social journalism will be what keeps news alive.

Some companies have yet to understand what social media is all about. New social networking policies separating the personal from the professional are hindering journalists’ ability to connect with their audiences. Readers will go elsewhere for more personal, entertaining and relatable news. Media companies must step back and see the true benefits of allowing their journalist to utilize social networking sites for storytelling and news gathering before they are left behind. However, social journalism is moving beyond a simple online conversation with readers and writers. News stories are being developed and suggested posted and linked to not by journalist but by readers. The audience is now, more than ever able to tell journalists what they want to know about and where journalist can learn more about it. Online communities notice trends or issues that a journalists would not even know to look for and give leads and angles for reporters to look into. Journalists must learn to see the public as an ally, not an uninformed mass. The main function of journalist in the coming years is not gatekeeping but rather curating. Placing the story in context along with keeping up with breaking stories will be a large part of the profession. Even the most iconic new stories of journalisms past would be reported in a totally different way if they were being covered today.

Journalists need to learn the tools that are most effective for each part of the research and story-telling process and incorporate those tools into their routine. There are many sites out there for journalists to use, and many ways to use them. Discovering where to go for sources and what places are the best for finding photos is a process that journalists have to go through to keep up with the changing times. These changes are not simply an adjustment to the way news is delivered either. It is a fundamental shift in the way people understand news.  Journalists must take the information gathered from social media and be the organizer and the distiller of the information surge. Journalists are the missing ingredient that turn social media into news and news into social media.

Sometimes however, readers do not trust social journalism. Social journalism lacks the traditional faith that print and established news sources possess. With some key adjustments to an online news story, journalists can increase the faith their audience will have in the story.

Below I have posted a Google Trends search for “war on women” and a Google Correlation search for the correlation of “war on women” and “average teacher salary”.   The Google Trends tool keeps journalists informed on what issues are currently news worthy and times when they were newsworthy in the past. The Correlation search will help journalists discover related issues so they can tell the full story to their readers. “War on women ” was first mentioned in 2007 but has picked up significantly in 2011 and 2012. The fact that is correlates with teacher salary indicates that this issue is about equal right for women, including equal pay.




war on women

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  1. Ronald R. Rodgers April 16, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

    Interesting graphs.

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