journalism attempts to be entertaining while informing

18 Apr

Once of the core debates in journalism is that of entertainment versus quality. The debate about the about this rages on as the journalists and news corporations try to figure out just what they need to do be successful in the changing journalism landscape. Many believe that the way to be the most valuable product a newspaper can be, papers must focus on informing the readers about things they can act on. Others feel that the key is diversifying the way you disseminate information so that you can say informative things in easy and entertaining formats.

The actionable news theory is actually not all that new. It goes back to the reorganizing of the purpose of news after yellow journalism ran ramped. But with today’s entertainment loving world it is becoming a more critically needed form of journalism while at the same time it has become more difficult to convince publishers that this is a successful model. However, if you direct people to causes they care about and give them the tools they need to talk effectively and intelligently on these causes they will see the benefit in buying that paper and reading what those journalists have to say. The key to success with this method is to target people that already have an interest and mobilize them. The other key is to make sure that once you have your readers interested, you need to continue to be the leading source of information on this topic. Getting something wrong with readers that are actually repeating what journalists write to congressmen and senators can lead to some serious backlash.

The diversifying method is like being your own one-person news promoter and distributer. It is a smart way to give readers the information they need in a way they want. Blogging , broadcasting, tweeting and then creating a version for print is a lot of work, but it is becoming more common and is quite effective. When you give people stories in multiple formats it gives them choices and allows them to find out more information as they choose. People are more entertained when they can get their news in a format that interests them the most. People like blog formats since they can comment and interact but watching a story can create a better picture of hoe events unfolded. Giving options makes for richer better-told stories. However, the effectiveness of it does not change the fact that it takes a lot of work to keep up.

The news is something people will always need whether journalist try to produce a particular action from their readers or attempt to draw them in with useful diversity, news is going nowhere, journalist just have to find out the best ways to monazite it and the best way to get readers to come back to them.


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