Social Media Report

18 Apr

To promote my blog I used many different social media tools and techniques. Some of these attempts to gain blog views were successful and some were not. The most valuable tool to me was Tumblr and Facebook while LinkedIn and Google+ were of less help to me.

One of the first steps I took to publicizing my WordPress blog was to go into the settings and authorized publicizing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and messenger. That way when I posted a story it would automatically update my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn connections of the post. A critical step in this was to make sure when I was authorizing Facebook to allow WordPress to publish the post to the public and not simply people on my friends list. That way I could reach out to more people and anyone that searches my name will be able to connect to my blog.

After learning about Delicious in my advanced editing class, I wanted to add my blog as a bookmarked resource and see if the social sharing aspect of Delicious would increase my page views. I feel like the tagging feature and the ability to add my blog to a stack I had already created on feminism made this an extremely easy and effective tool. The stack I have on Feminism which my blog is added to has had 16 views. While this is not a huge number it is attention I would not have gained without the use of Delicious. Overall, I feel like using Delicious was a good and simple way to connect with more people online.

In addition to the automatic Facebook updates that WordPress generates for me, I created my own Facebook post to promote my blog. I would comment on related issues ask questions of my friends and link to relevant YouTube videos while at the same time mentioning and promoting my blog. Comments on the post I created would turn into debates, words of encouragement or simply likes that all indicated to me that this was a very effective way to generate page views and cultivate a following.

Since WordPress does not do automatic posts to Google+, I did post to my close circle of friends on Google+ once or twice. I do not know many people who use Google+ so I did not want to broadcast it across the whole site. I think that Google+ still needs to find its niche before it can become a really well liked and utilized tool so I relied very little on it to publicize my blog.

As for LinkedIn, I let WordPress’s automatic updates be sufficient for my use of LinkedIn. It shows potential employers the work I have done, and my quality as a blogger. I think professionally it is useful, but not particularly effective in gaining followers or readers. Still I think it is beneficial and I am glad the automatic updates were available and so easy to set up.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to gain followers is to take advantage of the people already using WordPress that are interested in the topics I am blogging on. The way to do this is through tags. The tags let readers know what each blog is about and people that track certain tags are sure to notice my posts eventually. I was sure to tag every post with the tags: #Feminism, #Women, #Reproductive Rights. However there were other tags that only applied to some of my posts so I had more specific tags for those posts, focusing in on politics, legislation, etc., depending on the topic.

Tags were also effective in my use of Tumblr to promote my blog. I am an avid user of Tumblr and I knew that I could use my knowledge of Tumblr to promote my blog in a valuable way. Since I already post on Tumblr about Feminism and women’s issues, I already had a built in audience of people of around 30 people that would be interested in what I had written on my WordPress blogs. There was an interest in this different format since most of my Tumblr post are originally created by others and are more image and video based than text. Along with my own followers, there is a huge community on Tumblr interested in my blog topic. So when I posted links to my stories and the first few lines of my stories along with links to my wordpress page, I made sure to tag the posts. That way I attracted readers that did not follow me on Tumblr but were interested in what I had to say.  I think using Tumblr to promote my blog was one of the most effective promotion tools I had. Friend on Tumblr would re-blog my links, introducing my blog to a whole new list of followers and my chance of getting readers would grow exponentially with each re-blog.

The final way I promoted my blog was through Twitter. Similar to my Facebook strategy I posted questions along with links. I attempted to create conversations with my followers and others on Twitter. I think that Twitter is really effective for getting the most critical points out in a very quick manner. I am not the most avid twitter user however; because I am prefer not to be so succinct in my writing. Nonetheless Twitter was a valuable resource for promoting my blog and I learned how to use it more effectively over the course of this project. I only have about 10 followers on Twitter, but many of them would re-tweet my tweets and help me to get the message out to other users.

Overall, I used many social media tools in the process of promoting my personal blog. I found some of these tools to be invaluable, mainly the ones I had already cultivated a following with. Other tools such as Delicious were effective as well, in their own way. All in all I think that my blog has gained a decent amount of notoriety due to my efforts and I am glad to have had this gained experience.


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  1. Ronald R. Rodgers April 19, 2012 at 12:42 pm #

    Simply excellent. I you discovered one of the problems is that if one site does not have relationship with another, there is no way to make a social media connection.

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